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MYGN Myriad Genetics: A  personalized medicine company, that focuses on the development and marketing of predictive, personalized, and prognostic medicine tests worldwide. MYGN has a collaboration with AstraZeneca for the development of an indication for BRACAnalysis CDx.    More.
AUPH Aurinia Pharmaceuticals: A late-stage biopharmaceutical company providing novel products specifically engineered to treat a limited, targeted patient population suffering from serious disease states for which there is a high unmet medical need.  More. 
HISP Hispanica International: Is engaged in the distribution of proprietary, licensed and third party Hispanic and Ethnic food and beverages throughout the United States. The Company added over 1,400 retailers to now surpass 2,000 retail locations and will expand to over 5,000 retail locations. More.
LPCN Lipocine Inc.: A specialty pharmaceutical company developing innovative pharmaceutical products for use in men's and women's health using its proprietary drug delivery technologies. LPCN's clinical development pipeline includes three development programs.   More.

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Lipocine (LPCN)


"Developing innovative pharmaceutical products for use in men's and women's health using its proprietary drug delivery technologies."

More on LPCN here...

Myriad Genetics (MYGN)


"Myriad has the deepest diagnostic pipeline across the disease spectrum."

More on MYGN here...

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals (AUPH)



"Voclosporin has the potential to become a best in class medication and the first approved treatment for LN in the U.S. and Europe."

More on AUPH here...

Hispanica International (HISP)


"We Bring Latin America And The World To You."

More on HISP here...

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